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Euclid Towing is a licensed and fully insured roadside service company located in Euclid, Ohio. We provide our services  round the clock 7 days a week to Euclid, East Cleveland, and surrounding areas. Our wide selection of tow trucks and equipment can fulfill any special needs that you might have.

With our tow truck company, we understand that when you’re stuck on the roadside somewhere it can be very frustrating. We do our best to bring you the best services at a great price rate that are professional, giving you a smooth towing experience. With a team highly attentive customer service representatives and top notch tow truck operators, great help is only a call away. Dial (216) 532-5880 for tow services in Euclid.

We proudly offer a wide set of services:

You should choose Euclid Towing for the following reasons: 

  • Our service support is 24/7 which means we are available anytime you need us.
  • Super fast response times that you can depend on.
  • Highly experienced expert tow technicans that know what they are doing.
  • We are licensed, fully insured and bonded in Euclid, OH.
  • Flatbed tow trucks at your disposal that are available at anytime you need them.
  • Many tow truck options that are affordable and cover you for short and long distance towing.

Important Notice: We are not an impound lot so if your car was towed by the city then you need to contact the city of Euclid at (216) 289-8474 to locate and reclaim your vehicle.

Vehicles can be towed by many different agencies, like Police Departments, city enforcement officials, Sheriff offices for many different reasons ranging from being immobilized in an accident, being stolen, being parked in disabled parking zones or illegally parked. Anything that is a violation of the City of Euclid can cause your vehicle to be towed. If your car has been moved because of a public event or other circumstance, contact the local Euclid Police precinct for further assistance and information. If your car was not towed, it is very possible that it may have been stolen. This is something that the police department will have to assist you with and you will have to go through the required steps to recover your vehicle.

If your vehicle is broke down on a busy road or highway always remember to:

  1. Put your hazard lights to make yourself more visible in a potentially dangerous situation.
  2. Not stand outside or near your vehicle in areas that have heavy traffic.
  3. Move your vehicle out of the traffic if it is possible to do safely before getting out of it.

If you are involved in an accident, call 911 and notify local law enforcement or emergency officials of the incident. Know that we are also here to help you with accident towing as well.

For things like a blocked driveway or property, we can tow such vehicles off of your property. However, you must first have the police issue a ticket to the vehicle in question first before we can proceed with such action. Once the offending vehicle is ticketed, contact us at (216) 532-5880 and we will take if from there.

If you have a junk car that needs to be removed, we offer a Junk Car Removal service. You must show proof of ownership by providing us with valid title for every vehicle that you need towed away.

Whether you are in or around the Euclid area, we are ready to give you a hand and offer any emergency roadside assistance that you might be in need of. Just give us a call at (216) 532-5880 and we will give you a tow truck estimate.

Did your car, truck, or bike run out of gas or is it about to run out? Not a problem, our Gasoline Delivery Service has you covered. Because gas prices change daily, contact us for accurate rates.

Your safety should always be the top priority, especially when you have children, seniors, or even pets traveling with you. Whatever you do, never leave them alone by themselves or unattended in a locked up vehicle.

If your car suddenly loses power and you are unable to signal for assistance, find and locate a white cloth and hang it from the drivers side window to signal that you are in need of help. If you are unable to find a white cloth any color will do, white is just the most viable. Also remember that by practicing patience and being courteous on the road, you can improve safety for you and everyone else.

Always avoid driving if you are under the influence of anything that can impair your driving and judgement as well as refraining from texting on your phone while you are on the road driving. A very large number of accidents and other types of crashes on the road are related to drinking and texting and in some cases result in very bad and permanent injuries and even death.

In some situations, we can temporary store your vehicle and work with a mechanic to get it repaired. Our customer service team will be happy to help you and answer any questions or concerns that you have. If you are in need of heavy-duty towing, contact us at (216) 532-5880.

**Top Tip: Keep a safety kit in your car in case of emergencies. If you are going on a long distance trip, make sure to check all your fluids, tire pressure, and even getting an oil change. A first-aid kit, fresh clean water, and a charged cell phone should also be part of the essentials in your kit.

For fast towing service or emergency roadside assistance call (216) 532-5880.2165325880

If you break down during the night time, make sure to turn on your interior lights to signal to other drivers. If you are without a phone, hang a cloth out of the passenger side window to signal to police that you car is disabled. Never exit your car when you are in the middle of traffic.

For a local towing company, reach out to us at (216) 532-5880.

Inquire about our specialized towing options, such as:

  • Wreckers
  • Tractor-Trailers
  • Lowboys
  • Caravans
  • Trailers

**Fascinating Fact: What constitutes an ideal “Tongue Weight”? Experts agree that the optimal tongue weight for any trailer falls within the range of 9% to 15% of the gross trailer weight (GTW)!

Ideal tongue weight is important for maintaining stability and control of both the trailer and the tow vehicle. If your tongue weight is not optimum, your trailer may sway from side to side or cause a loss of control causing a roll over. Other things that can be affected are your braking, steering and stress of the suspension as well as overloading the rear axle. Performance can be affected like fuel efficiency, acceleration, breaking. Many jurisdictions have towing capacity regulations in place and staying within the tongue weight helps you stay within compliance of these rules and will help you avoid possible legal issues.

Stay safe on the roads! Make sure to always wear your seatbelts, never drive under the influence, and do not drive if you are getting too tired.

Our friendly customer support team is here for you and assist with your roadside needs. For Euclid-based services, dial: (216) 532-5880.

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